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With the album Violet Angel's Descent being halfway through completion, I've uploaded a special album of various past works to help regain traction in the coming months. Many of these projects were lost, hence the album name "Lost Projects", but a number of these tracks will still be re-done with either real vocals in collaboration with singers or done with the more realistic vocals of Solaria.

For now, the 20 track album Lost Projects will be available for $5 on Bandcamp as a preview of sorts to future music to look forward to. In addition to that, I've uploaded my Solaria contest entry and an extra acoustic song written for my main series Celestal Resonance as temporary singles which will be included in the album Violet Angel's Descent.

You can find Lost Projects in the ko-fi link below.

Special Demo Album

Lost Projects
(ft. GUMI English)

Lost Projects


Plans for the album
Violet Angel's Descent

The album Violet Angel's Descent will likely include -
Much fuller remakes of my songs in Lost Projects;
If I Fall
Floating Embers
Broken Nirvana
Lilies on the Far Shore
The Closed Eyes of Love (Touhou)
Trapped in a Cracked Mirror

Along with remakes of older tracks some may remember;
Crescent of the Night [heavy drum and bass]
Angels of the Dyson Sphere [thrash metal]
Eyes [another heavy track]
To Define [my first song, contemporary classical-like]

And finally:
A cover of Iriku Atushi's All Seeing Eye
A unique translation to English of By the Long Road
The Solaria contest entry, When the Seagulls Cry (Umineko)
The Solaria version of At Any Cost
Along with a eurobeat version of that.

These will only make up 75% of the tracks at most. 

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