Celestial Resonance

The full story of Celestial Resonance, for the most part, follows the journey of Lilium on "the black planet", a world where magic exists in barren wastelands with only pockets of hope for a future worth living in.

The first part, to be named Memento Mori Story, takes place in a dream world and introduces some of the more important characters that'll have more roles throughout the larger overarching story.

An RPG game and novella will be released for it in the near future.


The protagonist and most prominent original character I've made which anyone following me has probably seen. She's a young girl with violet eyes and soft pink long and unkept hair.

Born with the ability to see into the thoughts of others and more, before even learning to speak, her life isolated from the world has been nothing but training to master the use of her abilities for combat. She is unable to use magic for the most part, so being a young girl with very little physical strength means she's left to heavily rely on her mind reading alongside weapons and planning.

Her true abilities are a potential threat to humanity, but she is also the only hope of stopping another threat with equal abilities.

If all goes well, she could be humanity's savior. If not, she's kept under close surveillance and can be terminated at any time... or so it's believed.


One of the few characters that predate Lilium in concept by far. Characters that influenced the creation of her would be Marisa Kirisame and maybe characters like Mikoto Misaka.

She is the twin sister of Lilium, and with that has the same potential abilities. Unlike her sister, Levinia doesn't have nearly the same level of mastery with her power of mind reading for combat, but she makes up for this with much more control over other magic abilities in general along with the usage of her power to create illusions instead.

Aside from illusions, her other specialties are electric and fire based attacks to match her own energetic personality. With help from the ability to see into the thoughts of her enemies, she is able to learn their abilities quickly as well.

Her life has been spent mostly on the run with her adoptive mother, having to hide her identity to keep from being captured or killed out of the fear of her kind.

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